20130504-100556 a.m..jpg

20130504-100508 a.m..jpg

20130504-100430 a.m..jpg

“A portrait of my boy, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

This has been a long and full of different feelings, that’s why I need to share more than one shot.

The first one represents a boy in motion playing with some friends. We really enjoyed that evening!

The next… And I think, the most important. This was Saul’s first preschool week full of tears. Not only his tears were all around, it was an awful feeling to leave him desperately crying to be at a unknown place full of strange people. It make me remember that day I had to leave him as a 4 month baby to get back to work. His face on this picture say it all…

And the last one… I include it because its amazing for me to see how this little creatures have the tech chip completely live.

Linked with Jodi on the fab 52 project. My favorite 17 was this vintage pic


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