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“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Saul at the mall playground… Looking him there makes me realize it was an excellent decision to start kindergarten. He is very shy and doesn’t know how to interact with other children. He doesn’t know how to start playing with them or fight for his’ space. I hope kinder will help him to develop those attitudes and become a social little one.

Saul en el play del mall… Verlo ahí me hizo darme cuenta que fue una excelente decisión que ingresara al Kinder. El es demasiado tímido y no sabe como interactuar con otros niños. No sabe como empezar a jugar con ellos, ni tampoco pelear por su espacio. Espero que el Kinder le ayude a desarrollar estas cualidades y se convierta en un pequeño muy sociable.

Linked with Jodi at the 52 project.


6 responses to “19/52

  1. aww bless him. shame he isn’t at my daughters kindy. she is a bossy wee thing and she loves dragging the new/shy kids into her games!

  2. I hope he enjoys kinder & makes some little friends. I remember my eldest daughter really needed some interaction so we joined a playgroup when she was 18 months old. After a few minor bumps along the way(she bit a boy on the face!) she really loved it! x

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