22/52 – Personality


“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

It’s so nice to see you there so quiet and peacefully sleeping. Last weeks your personality has been getting out. Your tantrums are getting bigger each day and now that you are at Kinder, we’ve been starting to receive those fearsome mesages from your teacher about your bad behaviors. As my unique son, it’s clear that you don’t know yet how to relate with other kids and even harder, you do not know how to deal with frustation. At the end I know this is a process and that it is a common issue, but I really don’t know how to face other kids’ parents when you bite, push, or pinch them. I think I should follow the teachings of my yoga classes: BREATH…..

Es tal lindo verte aqui tan tranquilo y durmiendo placidamente. Las ultimas semanas tu personalidad ha empezado a salir. Los berrinches se estan haciendo cada vez mas grandes cada dia y ahora que estas en el kinder, hemos empezado a recibir los tan temidos recados por mal comportamiento. Al ser hijo unico, es calro que todavia no sabes como relacionarte con otros niños y peor aun, no sabes como controlar tu frustacion. Al final del dia, se que esto es un proceso y que es una situacion comun, pero lo que no se como afrontar es ver a los ojos a los papas de los otros niños cuando los has mordido, pellizcado o empujado. Creo que lo que deberia hacer es seguir las enseñanzas de mis clases yoga: RESPIRAR…

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7 responses to “22/52 – Personality

  1. He is so beautiful… especially the curls, of course. =) My Claudia’s curls looked a lot like Saul’s when she was his age. Try not to worry about what the other parents think (even though that’s hard) because their kiddos will do the same thing. Biting, pinching, hitting, it just seems to go round and round. Love his little hands behind his sleepy head. =)

  2. This must be a common sleeping position for boys. Whenever my guys are in the car and put their arms up over the heads, I know they’re about to fall asleep. xx

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