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20140126-040755 p.m..jpg

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

I think I should change that sentence to: “A portrait of my children, once and then, in 2014.”

I’ve been loosing my discipline I have to admit it and I’m not happy about it. Some times I blame the little bean growing on my belly, cause I’m all around things, definitely not focused. But even when I know it’s part of pregnancy I also know I’ve been just lacy.

Being said that, I will want you to understand me a little because I’m not in the mood of posting every week, so you will see me around every now and then. Now that I’m starting the second trimester I have the hope of recouping my energy and post regularly.

About this post pictures…

Saul and me playing on the floor with foam cubes.

Fortunately there is only one week more to get back to kindergarten!! Even when I know he is enjoying his vacations, I prefer the routine to come back. The good thing is that he is going back as a “Big kid” without diapers, talking a lot and more participative. One of those summer achievements was really enjoying the week of the year where he stays with his godparents. This time it was clear for me the independence he is gaining as becoming a toddler.

Then about my pregnancy, as I said on top, I’m starting the second trimester. Things are getting better, we’ll they haven’t got that bad, but I can say I’m feeling better. My belly is getting bigger every day. When I was pregnant with Saul I thing I had this belly at five months and I’m just three!!!!

I love this shot, we can still see his hole body completely formed. How gorgeous is the Mother Nature!!

Thanks for readying and hope to be back soon!!


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