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“A portrait of my sons, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Saul prepared for a time with the grandpas. I really love your smiley face. You are turning into a beautiful young little fellow. Your body is getting slimmer and your gorgeous curls have been starting to get darker.

What about your little brother… Yes, it’s a boy what I’m expecting. 18 weeks now he is sweetie. A little shy that did wanted to show his face.

Now that I gave the news of the sex of the baby I found everything: from the person that says the a couple of children really is when you have two of the same sex and that other person that shows pity to our family like if having two boys will leave my family incomplete. What???? It’s a enormous gift to be mother of these two gorgeous cuties.


4 responses to “8/52

  1. Love your boys curls! & congratulations on your baby boy! It’s annoying when you get silly comments about the new babys sex. I have 2 boys too. It was a miracle I had one let alone 2. I was hardly going to be bothered about not having a girl! lol Hope the silly comments go away for you! & good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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